Seth Tackaberry

Seth Tackaberry – Bass

DSCF2605Seth Tackaberry is a 17 year old bass player and was born in Manchester. He picked up the bass guitar in 2010, aged 11, after listening to The Beatles’ “The White Album”. He continued to be influenced by the music of Led Zeppelin and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and later, Weather Report and D’Angelo. He has studied bass with UK bass players such as Laurence Cottle, Rick Lean and Phil Mann. In 2014 he travelled to New York for a to perform with other young musicians and later joined The Purcell School of Music in 2015 where he began studies with Oli Hayhurst as well as classical bass with Neil Tarlton and jazz guitar with Chris Montague. Seth joined the band in the same year taking up the bass chair.
He plays a 2010 MusicMan Stingray with Thomastik-Infeld flat wound strings.